Published on Tuesday, August 26, 2008 by Mario Parisé

I am @paul_kinsey

Please see the update link at the bottom of the post - all is now well in the universe.

Last week, I posted about how Mad Men characters were showing up on Twitter. I soon after discovered that at least some of them were in fact just fans, so as any self-respecting geek would do, I joined in the fun as my favorite character, Paul Kinsey. Also known as @paul_kinsey.

We had a ball. Everyone seemed to be really enjoying things. We never claimed to be from AMC, though we never denied it either (the mystery was part of the fun, wasn't it?). To be safe, I also immediately sent an email to AMC informing them of what I was doing, so that if they didn't like it they could simply ask me to stop. I even offered to hand over the account. I received no response, and accordingly continued along my merry way.

Well, last night Twitter suspended the accounts of @don_draper and @peggyolson under a a DMCA takedown notice. AMC didn't like what we were doing, and decided to start having accounts forcefully taken down.

To be clear, this is of course within their rights. These characters are their intellectual property.

However, let's consider a different approach. Had any one of us "fake" Mad Men characters been asked in any way to cease and desist, we would have. As noted above, I even offered to do so proactively. Instead, AMC is taking legal action to have the accounts pulled down.

I would have gladly handed over the account. AMC could have posted on all the fake accounts a simple "Thanks for the fun, but for the integrity of the show we need to put this to an end."

Oh well. I'll update when @paul_kinsey has been pulled down.

Thanks for the fun!


Final update - Sept 9th: I am no longer @paul_kinsey. Someone far more dedicated and creative than I has graciously taken over bringing us Paul's tweets.

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catfc said...

Well, there goes half my twitter followers. I think it could have been a brilliant marketing scheme--and who better to do it than the MadMen?

Chris said...

Such a shame AMC doesn't get it. It was fun while it lasted.

Mario Parisé said...

I'm glad you both took it in the good fun that it was meant :)

SusQHB said...

and to think we all thought this was a brilliant ad campaign by the men who made the industry what it is. bring back don draper today!

AaronWagner700 said...

Unbelievable. I actually thought AMC was doing some brilliant marketing. I was having a blast with it. I am highly disappointed that AMC is taking this kind of action against something that could only serve to enhance the MadMen experience.

Mario Parisé said...

To be fair, it's not like AMC has issued any legal action against any of us, which I think they technically could. So, I'd like to take this chance to say "Thanks" for that!

That being said, I would have *loved* it if AMC had instead asked me for the account login and taken over the process themselves. I started @paul_kinsey simply because I wasn't getting enough of him on the show (he had no lines in The New Girl!).

Thanks for taking part! It makes me ridiculously happy to know you all enjoyed it.

pdxmama said...

Corporate robots can't appreciate the brilliance of Mad Men on Twitter. I hope this gets resurrected.

Libby Issendorf said...

I've read elsewhere today that Twitter was the one behind the suspensions, not AMC. Have you heard from either company?

The Toad Stool blog entry

Venture Beat article

Mario Parisé said...

@pdxmama - The dream situation, in my opinion, would be the actual writers of Mad Men each taking on a character or two on Twitter. Won't happen though.

@libby - According the the Venture Beat article you linked up, it's a DMCA takedown notice. The only logical people who would issue that would be AMC. No?

DJ said...

Hey man, good on ya for trying. AMC just shot themselves in the foot. Chin up, son ;)

phillymarketing said...

So what are they going to do with those accounts? Nothing? DUMB! Big branded companies need to realize they need to hire dedicated people who are social media/viral marketing savvy to complement ad/marketing campaigns. Even though most people realize they are "fake" characters, it adds to the fun & certainly engages the fans. BOO AMC.

Chris said...

So...The characters are back. Does this mean AMC got a clue?